Code of Practice

Agreed between BAGCD and DEFRA

All members of the British Association of Green Crop Driers will, as a matter of practice, adhere to the guidance in PG6/27(05) in order to minimise emissions of odour, particulates, and smoke. It is recognised by members that, in the event of any statutory nuisance action being taken in respect of any premises, failure to comply with the guidance may be taken into account as evidence that “best practicable means” have not been used. It is for members to individually decide, having regard to the above, whether to undertake any of the monitoring specified in the guidance. This Code applies only if and when an amendment is made to the Environmental Permitting Regulations which removes vegetable matter drying from regulation under those Regulations; and it applies only insofar as any facility is fully covered by such an exemption (eg does not also undertake animal feed compounding). If any member is any doubt whether their facility is exempt, they should contact their local authority regulator.

Assured quality

BAGCD members, where applicable, comply with FEMAS, UFAS and, in Scotland, SOPA standards. Regular testing is carried out, by BAGCD, for undesirable substances, a scheme in which all members participate on a regular basis.

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